Tre bidrag från Game Awards 2004 till IGF

De tre bidragen som deltar i Independent Games Festival är årets förstapristagare i Game Awards, Saga of Ina, pristagarna för bästa spelidé , War, Siege & Conquest samt Velox, ett bidrag från KTH.

Info från IGF's sajt: (Alla bidragen på

The Saga of Ina, University of Skövde

The game is a pre-rendered side-scrolling adventure game in which you control the little girl Ina. Ina is best friends with the troll Bohr. The basic idea of the game is focused around the difference of characters and their unlikely friendship. Ina can perform nimble tasks and enter small spaces whereas Bohr can defend her from monsters.

Velox, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)

Velox is a multiplayer network game of high-speed jet chases. Players pilot their vehicles trying to be the first to perform any task as determined by a game mode. It is highly mod-able and anyone can script a new game mode, make a new jet craft or construct new maps.

War, Siege & Conquest: Battle for Gaia, Royal Institute of Technology

War, Siege & Concuest is a real-time strategy game that is played over weeks rather than minutes or hours. As many as 50 players battle eachother with armies, allies and threats - all in a single world and all at the same time. Who will be the ruler when the dust settles? It's time for the Battle for Gaia...

/John Hargelid


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