Rules and checklists

Please explain how the competition works
Michael Bergman, chairman of the competition jury and head of New Business at Telenor Sweden, answers this and other questions about the category "Best New Mobile Service".

>> Read the interview with Michael Bergman here (pdf-format, Swedish only )


  • Your entry has to describe an idea that
    • Solves a daily problem or help mobile users in their daily lives.
    • Is likely to attract a widespread interest among consumers.
    • Is accessible via a mobile phone
  • Entries can be written in either Swedish or English
  • You can compete alone or in groups of up to three participants.
  • At least one of the participants has to be registered as a student at a Swedish university.
  • Deadline for team registration is March 26. Late applications may be accepted at the discretion of the organizers.

Checklists for the Idea Plan and the Innovation Plan

The fundamental building blocks of the competition are the Idea Plans and Innovation Plans that the participants submit. You are first asked to hand in a short Idea Plan. The 25 best Idea Plans are then selected and those teams asked to submit a more detailed Innovation Plan. Below we describe the two plans in more detail.

About the Idea Plan
After you have registered your team, you are asked to hand in an idea plan, no later than April 9. You upload your idea plan directly here. The jury will pick 25 ideas that are selected for phase two of the competition and will be asked to write a more complete innovation plan.

The idea plan should be created as a PowerPoint-presentation. We ask you to use a presentation format to encourage the use of images to illustrate your service. Below is a sample template for the idea plan. You can use it as-is and just fill in each slide with information about your particular service or product. You can of course also customize it, either deleting or adding slides, as your idea warrants.

>> Here is a template idea plan presentation (Swedish only).

For the English-speaker: The following slides are part of the Idea Plan template:
  1. Title slide
    The name of your service and the names of the team members
  2. The Service
    A short description of how the service works, preferably illustrated
  3. Client Base and Needs
    Who are your clients and what need does your service fulfill for them?
  4. Distribution
    How should you quickly gain a following for your service? What shall make it popular
About the Innovation Plan
The 25 teams that are selected for phase two of the competition are asked to write an innovation plan. They should also submit a short "Executive Summary"-style presentation in the form of a PowerPoint-file. Deadline for the innovation plan and associated PowerPoint-presentation is April 30. The jury will choose the finalists and winners based on the innovation plans. The innovation plan of the 10 finalists will be kept confidential, but the "Executive Summary"-presentations will be made public.

The innovation plan should be submitted as a Word- or PDF-document.

Below is a link to a sample outline of an innovation plan, meant as a support as your write your own innovation plan. You can use each bullet in the template as a heading in your own plan, if you want. But you can of course also modify the template plan, adding and deleting sections as you see fit. We encourage, above all, that you use images and illustrations to show what the service will look like and how it will be used.

>> Here is a sample innovation plan in Swedish

>> Here is a sample innovation plan in English

An innovation plan and not a business plan?
Anyone that is familiar with standard business plans will recognize the inspiration for our template innovation plan. The jury is of course eager to understand how your particular service will turn into good business. However, we do not require you to calculate the financials for your operations, which normally is a fundamental part of any business plan.

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