Category: "Tomorrow's Communication Society"

The category "Tomorrow's Communication Society" aims at bringing scientists and students together in commercialization of research. It creates an arena where the academic and business world can interact. The category is open for students at Swedish universities.

The category s based on actual research findings and results in a market plan. In this way it differs from regular business plan competitions based on business concepts and results in business plans.

The competition starts with a kick-off on March 19 (held jointly with the other EIC 2007 category "Best New Mobile Solution") and continues with these major phases:

  1. Research case presentation

  2. Excitera presents some of the most interesting examples of cutting edge research found at either Swedish universities or at the research departments at leading companies.
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  3. Ideation and work with innovation plan

  4. The competing teams choose one research case that inspires them most. Each team then comes up up with an idea of how the research can be implemented as a new product or service, or maybe support and strengthen an existing product or service. The idea is documented in the form of an innovation plan where information about the costumer, market and potential competitors is included.
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  5. The result and final evaluation

  6. In the end of the competition, the innovation plans are submitted through this web site. The top-five teams will then be selected to do an "elevator pitch" in front of a jury at the final event. This is the final possibility to sell-in the idea to the jury before the final evaluation takes place and the jury decides what team that wins the competition. The final for EIC 2007 is held on May 15 at Berns Salonger in Stockholm.

The total prize sum is 175 000 SEK divided among the winning teams:
- 1st place: 100 000 SEK
- 2nd place: 50 000 SEK
- 3rd place: 25 000 SEK

Workshop and experience
We think that everyone have something to win by competing in Innovation Challenge, even -though they do not make to the final. During the competition a workshop will be held where interesting representatives from the world of entrepreneurs and new venture will share their thoughts and experience with the students. This will definitely be of valuable help in the process of turning new ideas into innovation plans.

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