1 General

1.1 Excitera Charon reserves the right to decide whether an entry may compete or not.

1.2 Entries and participants may not be sponsored by a company in the telecom industry. An entry that violates this rule will be disqualified.

Clarification: It is allowed to start a company (non-professionally) associated with the entry. The purpose of the rule is to keep the competition student-oriented and prohibit professional developers from established companies from competing.

1.3 A small working prototype - not necessarily a big and complete service - must be submitted by each team at the end of the competition. This submission is referred to as the final entry.

1.4 The competition is divided into three steps that must be followed by each competing team. The first step is to submit a business case report, the second step is to submit a final report and the third step is to present the service at the final presentation by demonstrating the prototype for the service.

Clarification: Empty business case report, no final report or no demo disqualifies an entry.

1.5 Award nominees and winners are selected by the competition's jury, and its decision cannot be appealed. The jury consists of representatives from Excitera Charon's partners.

2 Technology

Rules regarding technology will be available shortly.

3 Participants

3.1 Charon aims to promote telecom service development within the educational system in Sweden. Therefore at least half of the participants in each team must be students at a Swedish educational program and participate actively in the development of the entry.

3.2 A participant may be a member of at most one participating team.

3.3 The entry may be tested and evaluated by people outside of the participating team. However, the testers' participation may not go further than providing comments for the improvement of the entry.

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