Evaluation criteria

Deliverables (percent of total score)

Business case (50%):

  • Business idea (what is the innovation?)
  • Target market (who will use your service?)
  • Consumer analysis (what consumer needs does your service satisfy?)
  • Business model (how will pricing and marketing strategies be formulated?)
  • Investment analysis (will the service be profitable?)
  • Competitor analysis (which other actors/services will your service compete with in the market?)
  • Future potential (what are the future opportunities for your service)

Technical solution (40%):

  • Proof of concept/ prototype (Does it correspond to the functionality described in the business-case? Can your service be implemented technologically, now or in the near future?)
  • Feasibility: does the way the prototype is conceived seems realistic/feasible? With additional effort, would it be feasible to create a commercial grade application starting from this prototype? (The point here is to penalize projects with unrealistic or crazy conception. There are prototypes which are working in demo, but which would be infeasible in a commercial environment. No scalability and too much signaling traffic are just examples of what can be wrong with the prototypes. We have already seen projects with crazy conception, requiring restaurant owners to have a Parlay Gateway in their office for instance…)
  • Innovation (Does the prototype use IMS and its enablers? In a new way?)
  • Network usage (Does it drive traffic on the network?)

Presentation (10%):

  • Demo video
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Clear oral presentation
  • Sales pitch

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